Workshops and Presentations


One of my main interests over many years has been in communication – how to build effective communication between individuals, within families and other home groups, professional/family and other groups of people, all individual, who work together in an enormous range of circumstances. And how to resolve the inevitable differences in individual experience and viewpoints.

Whatever the situation, whatever the group, building effective communication and collaborative effort is really important to the outcome – without such communication and collaboration the outcome can be seriously affected. And in e.g. a home care situation, without effective all-round collaboration and communication the results unfortunately can be disastrous for the vulnerable person at the centre.

Over my years as a ‘family care-giver’ when my beloved Jay was so ill and I had no information at all, it was like living in a nightmare – not knowing what to do or when to scream for help, and afraid of doing the wrong thing. Since then, I’ve done a lot of reading and research, interviewed many people in a wide range of different home situations and circumstances and thought a lot about my own experiences working with so many children and their families – and how they cope, most especially in difficult times. And all this reading, research and learning from the experiences of so many others as well as my own (personal well as professional), forms the basis of all the practical workshops I present.

A few of my workshops –

Building Constructive Professional/Family Communication
Collaborative Care – How?
Effective Home Care – Communication, Coordination and Collaboration

See here to see the full list of workshops run.