Resources for professionals

Whatever the task, without proper resources – at the very least, adequate – it is not possible to the best job you could. Check the following list against needs for your own work –


Adequate time to meet with clients/patients/pupils; support staff and others involved in care read reports and keep up to date with new research and approaches time to relax and recharge personal batteries.

Accurate (all-round) Information

About :

  • Each client/patient/pupil’s condition, all aspects
  • any changes in condition

Accurate all-round info essential to providing the most effective care possible can be found in:

  • books (search widely!) websites e.g., bookshops (new and second hand)
  • journals – professional
  • research papers
  • websites and recommended reading lists – relevant self help and charity groups
  • training videos, DVDs
  • colleagues involved in similar fields of work
  • family, home and other informal carers


Personal – depending on time pressures; health issues; sleep; adequate or not?


Adequate space for consultation – clinic? office?  Inpatient/outpatient accommodation as necessary?  Admin space?  Teaching space?

Furniture for above; replacement of furniture as necessary.


  • Training, updated regularly
  • Supervision – opportunities to share problems, exploration of possible solutions
  • Practical support
    • Secretarial, organisational
    • Appropriate support staff – nurses, therapists, teachers, cleaners?
    • Record keeping – accurate and up-to-date


  • Telephone
  • Computer
  • Specialist


To develop and consolidate all the above…