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12 Finalé (background and thanks)

In this final podcast, I have provided some background information and explain why I recorded this podcast series which covered topics including… Motivation Finding resources and information Communication Confidentiality Challenging behaviour Collaboration and coordinated care … all topics I had difficulty with when I was a home care giver.   Books that may help with care giving or eating disorders : Anorexia and Bulimia in…

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11 Information and Resources

In this podcast we discuss information and resources in a caring situation. We cover : The downsides of not having information and/ or resources. How to figure out the information and resources you need. What steps are required to attain a positive outcome. Asking treating professionals about sources of information. Getting help, money and benefits.

10 Motivation

In this podcast we cover motivation and how to achieve positive change. We cover : what’s needed to influence positive change how you might discuss it with the person you are caring for what the benefits might be rebuilding confidence looking for the positive don’t ignore the negative

09 Confidentiality

When caring for someone with a condition or illness, confidentiality can be a barrier that can impact upon the quality of care the individual receives. In this podcast we discuss : Healthcare professional-patient confidentiality. Sharing information with 3rd parties (e.g. local authorities who can provide support) with consent Getting help from local authorities, local self-help groups etc Asking for what you need and writing a…

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08 Communications (part 2)

How to build constructive home-team communication. Discuss possible ways to get help. Create a plan. Keep it simple. Ask for what you need. Show gratitude for what you’re given. Review the plan as you go, tweaking as necessary.