Who needs resources?

Whatever project we undertake – whether paid or voluntary, regular and planned or unexpected emergency, setting up a new business venture, building a house or feeding a family for a month – adequate resources are a crucial factor to its success – or otherwise.

For instance, what would be needed to build even the simplest shed?  Wood? A saw or other implement to cut the wood into lengths?  Something to measure the lengths, make sure they are the lengths needed?   A hammer?  Nails?  Hinges?  What would/could we do if any of these were missing?   What about instructions?  Information about best wood to use/angle of cuts to wood, etc?

The same is true when caring for anyone who is in a vulnerable condition whether during a short term severe bout of flu, or long term chronic physical illness, terminal cancer, whether a relatively short term reactive depression after e.g. bereavement, or long term chronic anorexia affecting many lives over decades.  The same is true whether professional or home carer.