New web magazine

My main non-fiction writing project currently is putting together materials for – a new web magazine on building constructive communication…

There are now well over 100 articles on this site, on Communication, Information, Resources, Confidentiality, Carer Survival.

The website is based on and developed from my book ‘Families, Carers and Professionals: Building Constructive Conversations’, published 2007 by John Wiley and Sons – written from my own professional and personal experiences as a head teacher who worked with many troubled children and their families; experience as a main family carer for my daughter when she developed anorexia nervosa, binge-purge type, following her return home after a disastrous marriage; talking to and working with many hundreds of other family members and caring professionals (including social workers, teachers, doctors, psychiatrists and others), interviews, much reading and research. 

The website offers support for anyone involved in coordinating the most effective 24 hour care possible in difficult circumstances – when ‘challenging behaviour’ is part of the unhappy picture (e.g. compulsive/addictive behaviour such as alcoholism, drugs, eating disorders…)

As with all my non-fiction for family carers and professionals, published by Wiley and Routledge, I hope will help and support many carers all over the world.