NEEDS Scotland

I’ve been an active member of North East Eating Disorders Support (Scotland) for several years now.  NEEDS Scotland is a registered Scottish charity meeting regularly in Aberdeen, which offers confidential support and information on eating disorders.

Last year I handed over as chair person to Heather, though I still help out as a facilitator or present the ‘ice-breaker’ at the beginning of the meetings which often leads to much discussion between those attending before we split into two separate groups – people with an eating disorder; and family members and other informal carers – to share in confidence our own individual experiences and support each other. 

The group regularly invites speakers on a wide variety of topics of mutual interest.

Everyone affected in any way by an eating disorder is very welcome at meetings.

NEEDS Scotland is affiliated to b-eat uk (formerly Eating Disorders Association).

For more information on NEEDS Scotland, including meeting dates and times, see our website