Writing – poetry

‘Pathways’, published 2005 by Koo Poetry Press, Aberdeen-based publishers specialising in poetry – a small collection of poems on the theme of love and life, laughter and loss. 

Written in and around the north-east of Scotland, the land, sea and shore as well as the people feature strongly.


A small flavour from ‘Pathways’ –


Winter Sunset at the Tore of Troup

Earth held its breath,

Watching the black filigree fingers reach to touch

The red, orange, yellow silk spread, lifting to catch

Pale blue ribbons drifting in the still clear air.

Silent, the hills lay back against the glowing cushions,

Breathing in respite from winter death,

Stretched in dark protection round a silvered pool

Frozen in orange reflection.

A blackened shell of shelter,

The old croft absorbed the brilliant blessing of light,

Awaiting the beasts, whose warmth would bring back life,

Awaiting birth, awaiting rebirth.

Grainne Smith


The horizon wis lined wi black crayon,

The grey clouds lowerin and grim,

I waaked by this restless limmer

An I thocht o him.

I thocht on the smell o his jersey,

An the shirt I still sleep in at nicht,

I wait for the voice in the glimmer,

Hame-comin in mornin’s caul licht.

Nae body aside me,

Nae warmth ava,

Nae hand at ma breist,

Jist memories tae ca.

I mind on the smile as he ca’d me his quine,

His touch as his eyes said the rest,

Noo sine that bitch his claimed him

It’s a caul empty warld tae be faced.

Bit rinnin aside me a wee lauchin loon

Maks ma hairt loup wi pride an wi pain,

His voice an his smile fair mak me stoon –

He’s his faither a ower again.

(Written for a fisherman’s wife – married at nineteen, a mother at twenty, widowed at twenty-one when her husband was drowned at sea.)

Gráinne Smith