Skills-based Caring for a Loved One…

Skills based Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder: the New Maudsley Method’ by Professor Janet Treasure, Gráinne Smith, Anna Crane, published by Routledge, June 2007.

A practical book for family and other informal carers, based on a wealth of experience and research by a team of world renowned professional Janet Treasure , Guy’s Hospital, Kings College London, who has specialised in the treatment of eating disorders for over 25 years ; family carer Gráinne Smith , author and teacher whose daughter has recovered and who has worked for over 10 years on local and national telephone help-lines speaking to hundreds of other carers; and recovered sufferer Anna Crane who took a year out of her medical studies to recover from her eating disorder. 

‘”This book is the manual for parents, partners and siblings of a loved one with an eating disorder.  The skills-based approach is refreshing, to the point and action orientated….Although intended for carers, this book should be mandatory reading for professionals involved in the treatment of people with an eating disorder.’”  Eric F. van Furth, Ph D, President, Academy for Eating Disorders (AED); Clinical Director, Center for Eating Disorders Ursula, Leidschendam, The Netherlands.

“Few books provide specific guidance for family members about how they can help their children, siblings, partners and spouses who are struggling with an eating disorder.  This book is an exception.  The authors provide clear, succinct and practical advice on all the main problems that family members encounter, including how to help with weight restoration, overeating, emotional problems, as well as the toll these illnesses take on the rest of the family.’”     James Lock, MD, Ph D, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Stanford University, author of Help your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder.

“I was ‘sold’ after reading the second sentence: “The impact this has on carers has often been neglected”.  HEAR, HEAR!!  As someone who cared for a daughter with anorexia, and who found it difficult (if not impossible) to find accurate, up-to-date information, these were welcome words.”     Kitty Westin, President, The Anna Westin Foundation

Treasure, Smith and Crane have produced an authoritative and highly readable book.  The combination of practical suggestions, real life situations and a sound theoretical basis in the Maudsley model make this book invaluable for any family with a loved one with an eating disorder.  The insight it gives into ‘Edi’, the eating disordered individual, would benefit anyone new to working in this challenging field as much as family members and other caregivers.”    Susan Ringwood, Chief Executive of beat.

In bygone days parents were blamed when a young person developed an eating disorder.  The authors dismiss this injustice and instead focus on carers learning the skills necessary to help those they care for overcome their eating disorder.”  Gerald Russell, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, London