Winter Sunset

Earth held its breath,

Watching the black filigree fingers reach to touch

The red, orange, yellow silk spread; lifting to catch

Pale blue ribbons drifting in the still clear air.

Silent, the hills lay back against the glowing cushions,

Breathing in the respite from winter death,

Stretched in dark protection [...]

Readings …and writing

Hale watter runklin doon the lane,

stair roddies stottin aff the tar,

branders hotterin, bubblin foo,

an ma soakit feet rinnin, rinnin tae get hame.

The roadie’s dryin, risin steam.

Blin storm gies wye tae a singin singin sky.

A splashin splooterin draas ma een -

starlins haein a dook in a reemin watter spoot.


March of the Women

March of the women by Gráinne Smith, written for 8th March – International Women’s Day – 2011

Marching with their hearts those hardy souls pushed,

argued, fought laws long deemed immovable,

brought basic rights. All wrought by loving hands

and standing up to be counted for us – the Here and Now.


Nativity Story

Nativity Story by Gráinne Smith

And there were shepherds Dad, do you remember?

They left their sheep that night, brought orphan lambs, and found

the baby in the mother’s arms.

And there were kings Dad, do you remember?

Great strangers from the east, with gifts and crowns –

Awesome! – they came, to kneel on [...]

Moving On in 20th Century Scotland

‘Moving On in 20th Century Scotland – The Moose and Ither Tales’, published 2004, Smaa Biggin Press

A series of stories and poems which illustrate how major changes in heating, lighting, plumbing, transport, communication, shopping, cooking, housing, education, entertainment – you name it! – have affected the lives of people over the last 100 years.  [...]

Writing – poetry

‘Pathways’, published 2005 by Koo Poetry Press, Aberdeen-based publishers specialising in poetry – a small collection of poems on the theme of love and life, laughter and loss. 

Written in and around the north-east of Scotland, the land, sea and shore as well as the people feature strongly.


A small flavour from ‘Pathways’ [...]