Nativity Story

Nativity Story by Gráinne Smith

And there were shepherds Dad, do you remember?

They left their sheep that night, brought orphan lambs, and found

the baby in the mother’s arms.

And there were kings Dad, do you remember?

Great strangers from the east, with gifts and crowns –

Awesome! – they came, to kneel on straw in that poor stable.

And cushie-doos Dad, do you remember?

Up high they croo-ed and shushed the beasts.

They had no gifts but love and peace.

And the baby Dad, so small,

just like our Tom. He smiled at all then slept again.

Mary laid him in a manger.

The star Dad – it shone and shone

above that place. It showed the way to kings,

shepherds too, just like you and me.

Can we go now Dad, to see our lambs?

We saw them born, we watched them grow,

their cries now fill the quiet air.

Can we go now Dad?

Can we go now?

For Raymond, age almost 5, who identified in the Nativity story with what he knew in life – a hill farm, looking after lambs, and a new baby and retold the Christmas story to his dad.