Final stages of my new book…

Life has been incredibly busy over the last months as I’ve worked on the last revisions and editing of my new book for family and other informal carers before I send it off to the publisher…while trying to fit in all the other activities I really don’t want to fade (music and singing being the [...] – what is it?

In February 08 I attended a Society of Authors conference in Edinburgh and heard a presentation about how non-fiction writers could reach a much wider audience through the internet. Setting up a website based on our work was suggested…

I thought, What a good idea! Having listened to so many people on local and [...]

Scottish Eating Disorders Interest Group

As a former committee member of SEDIG, I was also editor of SEDIG News for 3 years.

SEDIG is a dynamic and growing group of professionals, carers, and people who have recovered from an eating disorder, who meet regularly to discuss the best ways to support anyone – including family members and other informal carers [...]