Where does time go?

Where does time go? A question I’ve asked so many times over my lifetime as I’ve struggled to fit in everything I’ve got to/would like to do,

… paid work, plus preparations for work and meetings; studying; voluntary activities e.g. for charity; shopping, preparing/cooking meals; remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates; writing and sending important letters and cards; time for visiting friends and relations… social life…concerts…

Today much time can be spent on the computer, email, updating website, exploring new online items, watching films and other relatively recent ways of spending time. Then there are personal interests and hobbies… the list seems endless.

I often think of the day my son, at that time still in primary school, very seriously gave me an answer I’ve never forgotten – Where does time go Mum? Into the past Mum, into the past… Yes. It seems no time at all since that day – now he and his lovely wife have two children, wonderful to see them more grown up each time I visit, to hear what they’re doing, what they’re planning

Amazing to know we’re now already more than halfway through 2017…with all sorts of summer activities… music festivals and writing activities…visiting and meeting up with friends near and far… concerts and workshops… barbeques and other get-togethers…as well as a trip last month to Amsterdam to meet up with my sister Nicky who travelled there from the far side of France where she and her family live.

Where indeed does the time go? As my friend Lona once said – Make every day count…there are no rules as to how our life journey may be, how long we have on this earth.