Changes, changes – and plans

Great to look at the major change and new layout on my website – many thanks to George Baird for all his help and encouragement!

And now for the challenge of getting used to all the changes in layout ….learning how to add new items as well as edit and update relevant items from my original site.  Although my interests remain the same – How To build good 24/7 care and support for a vulnerable individual – initially my main interest was building collaborative care in eating disorders because when my daughter was in a life-threatening condition I felt completely helpless as I knew nothing about the condition.  All I knew was the diagnosis – anorexia, binge/purge type.  And my search for a practical book or other information about how to build good support and home care was handicapped by never having heard the phrase ‘an eating disorder’… and not having access to the internet.

Now that my beloved Jay is well, enjoying life and working full time, my interest in How To build that all-important care 24/7 has developed further since I realised that good support and all-round care are essentials whatever the illness or condition.  And due to my frustration and worry about not having relevant information, about possibly doing the wrong thing, I decided to write the book I looked so hard for – all based on personal experience as well as quoting the stories of many other people I met over the years – ‘Anorexia and Bulimia in the Family: a parent’s practical guide to recovery’ (pub 2004, John Wiley and Sons), the first of my non-fiction books all of which are about building good communication, and effective home care through collaboration and coordinated efforts – and How To.

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