Readings, writing and more writing…

Life has been really hectic over last weeks…or is that months?!  Reading some of my stories and poems very recently at performances organised by Lemon Tree Writers at the Carmelite (what a wonderful venue in the old library, and what a wonderful night); Elaine May Smith’s ‘Stoney Stramash’ at Stonehaven Town Hall, with several of her guests from her Mearns fm programme – another great night; then with Arty at Aberdeen Folk Club, and another great evening…  And all along the way, seeing friends old and new.

Then there’s the writing side of my life, sitting here in my workroom enjoying getting down to work on my next non-fiction book… yes, again about communication and this one specially for family care-givers.  Great to be able to give my time to what I most enjoy and my main interests in life, writing and music.  Not to mention trying to fit in theatre and plays esp when the play makes an interesting mix of script, story and music – National Theatre Scotland’s recent ‘Prudencia Hart’ was truly brilliant.

Only thing is – I keep on wishing for an allocation of extra hours in the day, so far no success though, haven’t found the right application form yet.  Mind you, if I did somehow manage to find some of those extra hours…I guess I’d just fill them in with … yes, more music and writing…

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