Workshops – Practical Writing

Workshops – for ages 8 to 80, designed for your group, planned as a series or may be a single workshop – include

Scenes and Settings  – How to use all your powers of observation, including your senses, to maximise descriptions

Building a Character – Make a character live for your readers

Dialogue and [...]


All workshops are based on professional experience – as a teacher and head teacher supporting troubled children and their families was a very important part of my work;

on personal experience as a main family carer when my adult daughter developed anorexia nervosa, binge/purge type;

plus over the years talking to hundreds, possibly [...]


Without good coordinated professional/family communication, ongoing 24hr/365 care will be much less effective than it might be.

‘How to’ workshops on professional/family communication…

Based on over ten years on local and national helplines, at meetings and conferences, plus personal experience at work and home and many interviews with professionals and families, I present practical workshops [...]