Chanceshot – full-length play…

Directed by Roddy Begg, my play Chanceshot was performed at Aberdeen Lemon Tree, 2 evening  performances and an afternoon matinee, on 20/21 January 2009, part of a series of new plays, November 09 – February 09 selected by Writers and Actors Collaboration (WAC), who usually meet on Wednesday evenings at HM Theatre, Aberdeen to discuss [...]

Workshops – Practical Writing

Workshops – for ages 8 to 80, designed for your group, planned as a series or may be a single workshop – include

Scenes and Settings  – How to use all your powers of observation, including your senses, to maximise descriptions

Building a Character – Make a character live for your readers

Dialogue and [...]

Moving On in 20th Century Scotland

‘Moving On in 20th Century Scotland – The Moose and Ither Tales’, published 2004, Smaa Biggin Press

A series of stories and poems which illustrate how major changes in heating, lighting, plumbing, transport, communication, shopping, cooking, housing, education, entertainment – you name it! – have affected the lives of people over the last 100 years.  [...]

Worldwide Charter for Action on Eating Disorders


6 basic rights outlined in the Charter…

…to communication/partnership with health professionals

…to comprehensive assessment and treatment planning

…to accessible, high quality, fully funded, specialised care

…to respectful, fully-informed, age-appropriate, safe levels of care

…to carers to be informed, valued and respected as a treatment resource

…of carers to accessible, appropriate support and education [...]

Writing – poetry

‘Pathways’, published 2005 by Koo Poetry Press, Aberdeen-based publishers specialising in poetry – a small collection of poems on the theme of love and life, laughter and loss. 

Written in and around the north-east of Scotland, the land, sea and shore as well as the people feature strongly.


A small flavour from ‘Pathways’ [...]